Kinematic Output Breaks when using deformation chains

So I have been e-mailing support for the past 4 days and they don’t seem to understand the issue I’m having.

When I try and create a deformation chain on the same layer and using drawing substitutions- the Kinematic Output breaks and the pieces of my drawing become effected by the deformation.

The Kinematic Output works fine when using just on single deformation- but once a create a chain, the whole thing falls apart.

Am I doing something wrong?

See attached screenshots for clarification.



P.S. I’m using the latest version of Harmony 14 Premium.

Hi vrexus,

Can you tell me the build number of Harmony 14?

Support provided a beta version which fixed the issue!

Did you have to contact support to get access to the beta?

Yep, through zendesk and they got back to me with the fix link (it’s expired). You can contact support there and ask for it citing wanting to test the beta version (and this thread).

Bumping this, it seriously needs a patch. I have to entirely redesign my rigs so that the chest doesn’t have multiple deformers on different sides since it breaks everything attached to it since kinematic output doesnt work.

That’s why I’ve downgraded back to 12 till they have fixed this issue in 14…but it’s been months since they said they would fix this bug.

Well damn i only have silver support so i’m stuck with 14. I emailed them yesterday, hope they respond. Seriously this is like a HUGE problem.

Was able to downgrade by sending back license, and back in 12 it works just as well as i remember it. Well now i have this conundrum.

I either use 14 and lose kinematic output meaning my rigs will be really stiff, or use 12 but lose sync layers (which i have made a large use of building jaws with) andthe new pose copier.

Ughhh comeon toonboom guys, can we get an emergency patch or something? 4 months!

Your attached screenshots are unfortunately to small and low quality…
Can you provide a download link to your project file ?

In the meantime check out this short video demonstration:

Alright here’s the higher rez screenshots along with a link to the project file.


Project file:

Thanks for taking a look at this.


Hey Hawkito,

Hope you don’t mind, but I took a look at your file. I put together a video showing what might be the issue. I think it might be the last point of your bone deformer is too high up on each view of your character. When I moved the point down to say below the chin I got better results. Unless I don’t understand the problem you are having, anyway, take a look at the video and see if it helps.

Works perfectly here…

What version of ToonBoom are you using?

I got an e-mail from ToonBoom today confirming that it is actually a Harmony 14 bug…KO node doesn’t work in this particular situation and they are working on a fix and hopefully will be releasing a patch soon.

I’m glad that it has been confirmed as a bug…I thought I was going crazy for a minute there.


I am able to do what Nolan is as well, if I go into setup mode and move that last point of the bone either lower or high above the head, I get no distortions and it works fine. I am using Harmony 14.

Alright…hopefully this video that I recorded will demonstrate the bug with multiple deformation chains that break the Kinematic Output.

Notice how once I delete the multiple deformations the Kinematic Output works as attended.


Check my latest post…the KO bug will be crystal clear.


Hey Hawkito.

I’ve forwarded your problem as a bug report to R&D so that they may look into it. Thanks for catching this! :slight_smile:

Is there a release date for the udpate that fix the problem? :slight_smile:

I’m having exactly the same problem here, no issues on 12 but on 14 it’s really annoying, any idea of the patch? We REALLY need it!!!