Killgore E01

An angry bull is hellbent on revenge and nothing will get in the way of his quest to destroy Happy Cow Farms. He might not have his balls anymore but he’s still got GUTS!

Killgore is out for blood. Hey, you’d be furious too if you had been castrated, beaten and left for dead in a field. Ever since that day he’s only had one goal: to destroy Happy Cow Farms and kill anyone who gets in his way! He is tough as nails but he does have a softer side. Whatever you do, don’t make any jokes about his momma!

Killgore is a character I created back in college after seeing a nasty video of a bull getting castrated with garden shears at a meat factory. After viewing this gruesome act about 10 times, the first thought that popped into my head was: “What if that bull got a machine gun and went all Rambo on everybody’s ass?” I actually tried to be a vegetarian (only lasted about a week and a half, steak is too delicious! Sorry Killgore!) Though I couldn’t stop eating meat, I could make a cartoon so that’s what I did!

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ITS DONE! Updated the original post with link to the video! Working on getting it on Youtube rt now…

this is cool, i enjoyed watching it.