Kickstarter Campaign for a new animated series I hope and dream to bring to life

Hey guys and gals.

I am in the process of developing a new animated cartoon series Called Tippy&Sabah. I have been working on creating the main characters for some time now, and building a story.

As I really want to produce high quality animations, and seen as I am pretty useless with animation software, although what I have created so far is in TB Animate, I can do my best to create the characters by hand, and photoshop or TB, but I need help with the story boards, animation, and production. I want to be able to pay for those services whether they are freelancers or team members, so I am looking for crowd funding to help with this. I am at relatively early stages, and with so many ideas for this I really want to have an educational aspect to it as well since I have been told over and over how cute or funny some of these characters are, so I believe I can really engage younger gens with a well thought out story.

I have set up a Kickstarter campaign with the link below. If anyone is able to support, I’d be really grateful.

I am not looking for 100 percent crowd funding. I am paying for everything that I can afford to pay for from my full time job.

Thanks a lot and I hope this can reach as many interested people as possible.

Link to my page, please visit, Like and share!!!