Keys in Function editor....?

Howdy Folks!

I’m just having my first crack at TB, and I’ve hit a hitch. Im trying to move a group of keys in the function editor, but I cant select more than one key at a time…?
I could move the keys individually, but I need to keep their relationship with each other intact, so selecting them as a group would be better.

Anyone have any ideas?? Cheers!

Thank you Nolan for sharing the information with us.
And also thank you Adam for asking this issue due to which now we can work faster and better.
Please keep us posted on the updates relating to the great ideas like this.


Yeah, not goin to work. are you already on 2’s and the client wants something to jump lower, you’ll have to isolate the peg in the timeline delete the frames around the keyframes. there is no magical AnimBot wizardry here.

In the Function-Editor one can select (and add and delete) one frame at a time…
Multi-select your key-frames in the Timeline and move them there.


Cheers Nolan,

That is fine for moving the keys in time, but Im trying to change the value - (on the vertical axis in the function editor).
It boils down to - is it possible to select more than one key in the function editor.
If not, then there are work arounds, I’m used to doing it in Maya, thats all.


Hi Ad,

As far as I know multiple selections in the Funtion-Editor are not possible (yet)…
(I guess it would be a good idea to assign certain functions all at once)

Please send a request to Toon Boom’s “R&D-Team” - for future implementation…?
or publish in the “Suggestion for Toon Boom Studio” section.