Keyframing/pathing a layer's animation

Is it possible to keyframe or manipulate the arc of motion on a layer?
The camera tool is wonderfully flexible and allows for creative pathing. I cannot find a way to add more that just a start and end to a layers motion. I have found a workaround but it is rather cumbersome when wanting lots of changes in direction (Workaround was -copy layers over in to new frames then copying the end key to start key etc).
As this kind of flexibility is present in the camera - is it or will it ever be available for layers?

toon boom really has to work on a feature that supports this and the changing a layers exposure too…

Now you only have the First frame and Last frame tools for one panel. If you want to spread layer motion you can use the ‘‘Spread Layer Motion’’ under ‘‘Layer’’… but it’s really not flexable, if you want to edit something afterwards…

Come on toon boom!