I like to get the timing right with keyframes and work back in the inbetweens. In flash it is easy I can add a keyframe and it perserves the timing and the order of the drawings. giving me an empty frame to draw the inbetween.

How can I do this in TB?


I think I misunderstood in the first message. If you setup your whole animation in keyframe then want to add the inbetween afterward you could simply select the frame you want to replace by an inbetween and press the delete key. This will clear the exposure allowing you to draw your inbetween.

Hopefully that is what you were looking for.

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Please see this PREVIOUS THREAD for a detailed answer. -JK

In an element, TBS allows the creation of the ends,and inbetweens of an action and its reordering by means of cell swapping that allows to show cells created in the order that is desired, in the place that is desired. In order to draw an inbetween, swap to 0 in the cell panel and creating the new drawing. If we want to preserve a defined sequential numerical order, will have to be previously created with insert cells (before and numbered), an amount of pictures in target that cover the projected action and soon to draw on each of them. Simply to change the content of cell numbered sequential, to select the drawn thing and to erase, this preserves the numerical position of cell. Keyframes in the element allows the dynamic transformation in the time of that element, transformation, rotation, skew, scale and motion that affects to the element in global form between keyframes. Greetings. Excuse me the short english. Yoryo :wink: