In flash I can easily work in a multi-pass fashion. I like to get the timing right with keyframes and work back in the inbetweens. In flash it is easy I hit f7 and it perserves the timing and gives me an empty frame to draw the inbetween.

How can I do this in TB?


You could actually create your timing before you even start working in Toon Boom Studio by inputing a drawing number that does not exist in the Exposure sheet. As in flash you should also be able to use the Insert Blank Cell command (Shift+R) to get a new cell. Once there is something in it you should be able to use the R key to extend it’s exposure.

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Adjusting Animation Timing With Set Exposure and the Cells Panel

You have created a sequence of drawings, your keys, and you want to set up the timing for this sequence of drawings and then go in and add additional in betweens without changing the timing you have already established for these keys. You always want to extend exposures from the first frame of the sequence of frames in an exposure set. For example, you have a drawing titled c-12 at frame 23 and you want to extend its exposure for 3 frames. You select c-12 at frame 23 and you and choose “set exposure to 3”. This adds 2 additional exposure frames of drawing c-12 and pushes all additional cell exposures out to allow those exposures to be added at frames 24 and 25. Suppose that you want to change your timing and set the number of exposures of drawing c-12 to 4 exposures instead. You go back to frame 23, in this example, and select just drawing cell c-12 again at frame 23 and and choose “set exposure”. This opens a dialog panel where you will enter 4 in the “frames” text box and click OK. You now will have 4 exposure frames of c-12 instead of 3 again the downstream drawings are relocated to accommodate this timing change. Suppose you don’t like that timing and you really wanted it to only be 2 exposure frames. You need to go back to frame 23 ,again, and select drawing c-12 and this time and choose “set exposure to 2” .This reduces the exposure frames for drawing c-12 down from 4 to 2 and the downstream cells are shifted back to account for the reduction in frames used by drawing c-12. You can add or subtract exposures for each drawing in a sequence of drawings using this technique as a way to adjust and fine tune your animation timing.

Now suppose that you have your timing adjusted and you now want to start adding some in between drawings into this timed out sequence of keys. You move to a frame where you want to replace an existing drawing exposure with a new in between drawing, and select that frame either in the timeline or on your exposure sheet. Now go to your “Cells” panel, where you will see a preview of the drawing cell that is currently occupying that frame. To replace that drawing cell with a new blank drawing, you just pull the slider handle at the bottom of the “Cells” panel all the way over to your far left and this replaces the current drawing with a new blank drawing and you are ready to draw your in between. You repeat this technique for each in between drawing you want to add into your already timed out sequence.
-hopefully this explains the techniques for adjusting timing and adding in betweens after the fact. -JK

Excellent!!! This is exactly what I was looking for. You saved me hours of work with that one simple tip.

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hey thanks for the excellent top on ading in betweens :slight_smile: