Hey does anyone know how to Push or pull MULTIPLE keyframes closer or further apart without having to manually move each keyframe?

Scaling key-frames up or down in one move is not yet available in Harmony.

Thank you. Could you help me with the next question then?

HOw to: Export still frame with alpha channel transparent background

Is their a way to export your drawings with a transparent background using ToonBoom Harmony. I want to use either a sequence of images or a mov file and then transfer it to Premier Pro. Everytime I try using png, png4, tga, and tag 4 all I get is a black background. I have seen that you can go into the network view (now called nodes view) but the layers options is different. Please help!

Hey bross22,

1- There’s actually a script called “stretch keyframes” that let you push multiple frames at the same time (but no way to pull yet). To access that script you need to enable the script portion of your top tool bar ( you’ll see it in the option when you right click on the top tool bar). Then you click on the first button on the left side called “manage scripts” and you go search for the one called “stretch keyframes” in the left list and then you selecting the function in the middle list and click on the arrow to make sure it now appears in the right list. You press “Ok” or “apply” and then you should get a button for that script in your top tool bar now.

To use the script properly you just need to select a bunch of frames and you click on the script. It’s gonna open a window where the only thing you have to change is the “destination frame” where you want your last frame selected going to and it should stretch the other frames accordingly.

2- To render a character with an alpha channel (aka without any background) just connect a write node under the said character (you can find it in the node library) and go inside of that write. If you want to render an image sequence make sure you select a type of image that allows the alpha channel (psd4, png4 and so on) or if you want to render a video make sure you check the video option and then go in the movie options and change the amount of colours to “millions of colours +” that + will actually let you export the alpha in a video. Once that’s set up you just need to in File> Export> Render Write Nodes and you’re good to go.


I was able to find the answers to my questions today and I was actually going to post the answers to my questions incase anyone had the same questions as me. However, with that being said. Thank you for responding and that’s exactly what I was told also. Much appreciation and thanks :smiley:

Hi “hlapointe11”

Thank you very much for pointing out this marvellous script.
Works absolutely beautiful. It’s always exciting learning something new.

Kia ora