Keyframes won't import from Premiere XML

This might be a known issue, but my keyframes wont come back into SBP from Premiere. I’ll try and break it down simply.

There are many camera moves/rotations in the SBP project.

Used “conformation → export project” to bring the storyboards from SBP into Premiere.

In premiere I made a shot with camera zoom and rotation both longer and slower. Changed it from 5 second duration with rotation to 8 seconds. Pulled the keyframes in Premiere to the end of the clip as well so now the clip is 8 seconds long and the rotation is 8 seconds long as well.

By way of XML, brought back in using “conformation → import animatic project”. It timed everything up correctly, but the camera moves that I manipulated are just gone now. There are some funky keyframes over those panels, but they dont look correct and came in as a single keyframe instead of a camera move with 2 keyframes.

Will SBP interpret keyframes that have been manipulated in Premiere? Or do you just have to avoid moving them at all?

Tried it again as an experiment, same process but this time I made the clip longer in premiere and didnt touch keyframes. Imported back to SBP fine but of course I have to stretch the camera move once back in SBP.

Would love to just have it interpret changes made in Premiere without manual conform but… not sure if thats possible at this point.