keyframes not setting?!!


I’m quite new to this programme so i’m following a tutorial:

I’m animating a bouncing ball and when i move the ball from one keyframe to another with the transform tool, it doesn’t seem to set. when i move back to the previous keyframe, it’s still at the same position as the last one. I’m very sure i’m using the transform tool (7) and not the select tool.

Help please?!!

I’m having trouble understanding exactly what you are doing, in order for me to help you, I need you to describe step by step exactly what you are doing.

You first created three drawing elements each with one cell, then you switched from drawing view to camera view and extended the exposures of each of these 3 elements for 32 frames. Then you moved the red timeline slider to frame 1 of the timeline, selected the Scene Transform tool and selected your ball object in the camera view window and moved it to the top of the bounce position as indicated by your Arc Guide. Then you moved your red timeline slider to frame 7 of the timeline and using the transform tool you selected the ball object in the camera view window and positioned it to the first contact bounce position on your Arc Guide. At that point you should see keyframe indicators on your timeline on the track containing the ball object at frames 1 and at frame 7 and the ball should be at a different position in the camera view window at frame 1 from the position at frame 7.

Can you confirm that you followed these steps or did you do something else? Thanks -JK

oh thank you so much! i found out i wan’t on camera view at all. thanks for the help :slight_smile: