Keyframes appearing on drawing layer despite "element node 'animate only using animation tools' default value" unchecked


I’m pretty new to Toon Boom Harmony and I’ve been following the Toon Boom Harmony Learn Turorials which have been super helpful. But I’ve been having the issue of keyframes appearing in the drawing layer as well as the peg layer when I move a body part. If I just say create a keyframe it’ll just appear on the peg layer but when I move something, it’ll become a keyframe on the drawing layer.
I think this is the reason why I’ve been having an issue where if I change a keyframe before another, the following one will be impacted the same way.
I’ve been getting very confused over this and I think the keyframes on the drawing layer might be the culprit.
I’ve only got like 10 days left on the free trial and I really wanna make the most of it.
Any advice for this?


(P.S. If curious, I’m experiencing this with the rig provided in the puppet animation tutorial for the jump but unsure if I had the same problem with the Frankenstein rig)

(P.S.S. Okay I have the same problem with the Frankenstein rig.)

Maybe it’s related to ?
But I don’t think they read the forum any more.