keyframed rotoscope animation

I’m pretty sure this feature does not exist because I’ve asked around but if it does, PLEASE let me know.
I would like the ability to draw a shape on one frame, draw it again in a different position on another frame and have Harmony keyframe between them, just like in “Waking Life” and “A Scanner Darkly”. And to be clear, this shape could be a line (just a stroke) or a shape (with a fill and a stroke). Having this ability would change my life.

You can morph between two drawings to create an in-between easily if the shape is rather simple.

But for those animations, if I watched the same, have more things involved such as rotoscoping and maybe also some 3D which was either drawn frame by frame manually or toonshaded. So I am not sure if this process will be easy by creating in-between automatically with a morphing.