hello i am new !!
i got the pirate e learing pack in order to learn about pegs and everything was going well (i was understanding feeling all warm inside)… until the part headlined - Now add a start keyframe
step 1- collapse the main character peg
no prob i done that =)
step 2 - with the select tool active, click on frame 1 and use keyboard shortcut to add keyframe
this is where i am at a loss…no matter how i click the select tool or frame 1 no keyframe is added ( frame 1 cannot be selected or 2,3) even holding in control and clicking does not let me select anthing from the menu !!
if you can help please reply =)

Hi h5,

Couple things, when keyframing, you want to make sure you’re in camera view and using the sceneplanning tools instead of the drawing tools. The drawing tools are the first set of tools, the sceneplanning ones are to the right on the toolbar. Both sets of tools have a select tool, so you need to be careful & make sure you are using the right one.

JK wrote a great series of articles on keyframe animation that I strongly suggest you read through. They will give you a good base of information to get started with.
That said, I’ll add his standard disclaimer as well - I don’t know what your animation background is, but if you’re just getting started, cut out animation is not nearly as simple/easy as it seems. While you don’t have to draw every frame, you do have to set large numbers of keyframes, which gets to be a very technical process, and often times a simple mistake on one of those keys can have disasterous results. - Just a friendly warning :slight_smile:

Hope that helps some

I think the keyboad shortcut for insert keyframe is “I”. Just be sure you have the correct element or peg selected.

I believe that the Pirate work series you are using was written before V3.5 was released. The select tool for scene planning has changed since V3.0 and no longer can be used to set key framed values as it did in V3.0. So substitute the transform tool for the select tool in your instructions and you will be fine. The select tool only is used to set static scene values for an element while the transform tool is the universal keyframing tool. Let us know if you have additional questions we are all here to help. -JK