Keyframe walls

Is there a reason I would want to minimize the number of keyframes I use? i.e. Do they increase file size or slow down animation speed or anything?
I ask because I’ve developed a complicated scene with 1000s of
layers and I’m moving large portions of it around.
Rather than risk missing any layers I need to keyframe,
I’ve gotten into the habit of keyframing ALL of the frames in a vertical section (or forming a “keyframe wall”) because I don’t want the animation after that point to be accidentally affected (Like I’ve done many times).

Adding keyframes shouldn’t affect your file size by a significant amount. Even adding thousands of keyframes probably wouldn’t increase your file size by more than a few kilobits. The main thing that significantly contributes to file size is the number of elements in your scene (ie: drawings, layers, bitmap elements…). The best way to check is to go into your project folder and check the file size of the “Elements” folder. This is where every single layer and drawing you create is stored.

Another thing you can do to avoid creating a “Keyframe Wall” across all your layers is to get in the habit of using “Stop motion keyframes” at the end of every motion. This will ensure that any future keyframes on that layer won’t create an automatic motion tween. Also it’s very easy to convert your keyframes from “Stop-motion” to “motion” keyframes even after you’ve created them.

I hope that helps!