keyframe shortcut

Is there a shortcut key for setting keyframes in Storyboard pro? Can’t find it anywhere. Or is there a way to set it up? A script or something like that.

in addition any shortcut keys for skipping to next and previous keyframes?



I haven’t found shortcut keys for the features you requested, but Storyboard will set automatic keyframes for you if you do the follow: In the Stage View, go to the layer you want to animate. Enable animation mode by clicking the little standing or running guy next to the layer name. If he is now yellow and running, auto-keyframing will happen for you. Select the Transform Layer tool, scrub the timeline to the frame where you want the layer to move to and then move the layer. I think maybe you already know how to do this, but I figured I’d explain it if other people didn’t know.

I’m with you, I can’t believe the software doesn’t have a keyboard shortcut for going to previous or next keyframes. In Toon Boom Harmony, it is ; and ’ I wan’t them to be the same here. Please Toon Boom, please!

Yep. I join to the manifestation.
We NEED keyboard shortcuts for Next and Previous KEYframes, in ToonBoom Storyboard

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I’m waiting for it too :,)