Keyframe exposed till next keyframe


It would be great to have an option in Animate for keyframes to be visible even without setting exposure for them. I think it would speed up animating a lot:)

We would be just offsetting keyframes without worrying about their exposure.

I think its how Flipbook works, but Im not 100% sure.

This would against how the current drawing system works.

You could probably write a script to autoexpose everything if it is something you really want.

You would also end up needing to remove a lot of expsure at times.

I can’t see this being the time saver that you think it will be.

Why would you remove exposure if there would be none? Just keyframes.

Actually Ive just started my adventure with Animate, and at first, I dont know why, I had to set exposure manually.
But after sending my first post in this thread I noticed that when I draw next frame the exposure of a previous keyframe is set automaticly till that next one.<br /><br />I dont get it, but it works great:)

So you can forget about my “request” :wink:

You would remove the exposure if you don’t want the drawing to be seen at that point.

The reason exposure automatically appears when you draw on the next frame is because as soon as you have a drawing it is exposed.You have essentially done a drawing substition (expected you subsituted an empty frame for a new drawing)

You do have to set the exposure manually in a lot of situtions, like when you want your drawing to appear for 60 frames. The system is very logical and easy to use once you get the hang of this.