Keyframe editor

Can someone tell if I am the only one who thinks that editing keys easy in and easy out in bezier editor is some kind of mockery on user. Especially for those who works in After Effects and any 3d package?

it’s definitely nowhere near some of the other curve editors. It tries it’s best lol.
I find it better to hand-tweak stuff. it always looks better.

I think it is pretty hard to work with keyframes while working on large projects with lots of animated characters.
Keys are very small. It is hard to select them properly. Substitutions are not highlited.
I think i need eyes replacement after a day of hard working

You can zoom in to make your keys bigger, I work with a cintiq so its’ much easier to do specific selections.

It can also help to use the timeline display to only show the items you’re working on. That way the list is a bit smaller.

And you can change the colour of the drawings in the timeline in the newer versions. In your layer properties, next to the lock symbol. So you can highlight the layers you work with all the time, making them easier to spot.

I’ve worked on shows that like to put 12+ characters in one scene- it can get pretty dicey lol.