Keyboard Shoutcut cutter tool (Windows)

Hi all,

On the Tutorials " Character Breakdown Path I Breaking Down the Secondary Parts" Video
The keyboard shoutcut cutter tool (Marquee) for select object used Key (option) on Mac.
But on windows I can’t use Key (option).
Pls let me know what dose keyboard shoutcut cutter tool for select object on Windows?

Thanks a lot.

Hi, when you are using a Windows operating system you can do the following:
With the Cutter Tool selected, you can hold down the [Alt] on your keyboard to momentarily bring up the Select Tool to move objects instead of cutting them.

The Cutter Tool shortcut is [Al]t+[T] in windows.
Also there is a list of all the keyboard shortcuts and a complete user guide included in the help system which comes with the software. This is accessible from the Animate Help menu.