Keyboard Shortcuts Stop Working. Random

Working on a Mac OS X 10.11.6 (El Capitan) w/ 24HD Touch Cintiq.

My Storyboard Pro 5.1 just started ignoring my keyboard shortcuts, not all of them, seems random.

SHIFT KEY to select multiple layers, gone. Zoom in and zoom out as well as the orbit view, gone. Restart my computer and it works for a while, then it doesn’t.

Anyone have any idea of what this is?

Thanks in advance,

Phill Norwood

Do the shortcuts work when using a mouse instead of the pen?
Sometimes shortcuts are sensitive to which sub-window has the
focus. Try enabling “Focus on Mouse Enter” setting in the
preferences’ Global UI tab.

If you need help beyond that, contact support to have a look on
your system.

I just discovered… its my Cintiq Pen! Storyboard Pro is mad at it.

If I use the keyboard shortcuts they do enable but the tip of my stylus is right there just off the screen. When I move the stylus to put pressure to screen, the keyboard shortcut goes away. If I try the same thing with the mouse, the keyboard shortcut stays and completes the task. It might be the latest Wacom Driver (6.3.19, although I’ve been using it for days with no problem until now).

Anyone else seeing this problem?


Yes, the shortcuts work when using the mouse but not the pen.

I did as you suggested and enabled “Focus on Mouse Enter” but it did not help. The pen seems to get in the way of the keyboard shortcuts.



Uninstalled Wacom driver and installed update 6.3.20-8. Keyboard shortcuts now work fine with stylus. All good for now.