Keyboard Shortcuts not happening dude


I have tried to search for this but there are a lot of posts and sites about shortcuts.

I am seriously wondering if I need to upgrade from snowleopard for TB7. There is a lack of repeatability. I’m sure now after 2 weeks that I have a comfortable understanding of the different views (x & z) for the zooming in and out were working fine in the drawing view yesterday. I am sure I am not on the timeline (you can see this expanding if the wrong window is highlighted).

Also I read somewhere that your drawings sometimes look angular on the screen but look alright on exported video. This wasn’t the case with this video.

Although I realigned the mouth centrally it keeps skewing off to the right.

Any views on my antiquated OS being at fault?


P.S. very impressed with the lip synching tool. Takes no time at all.

I’ve found out this has something to do with opening up or maybe copying from the library window. I lose the zoom shortcuts and the backspace/delete shortcut if I close the library window once I’ve been doing anything with it. Strangely though they come back once it’s opened again.



It is possible that what you are facing with the alignment is a motion applied that can be resolved by going to properties and removing/changing the value.

Before adjusting, it is a good idea to make a backup of your project in case you wish to revert back to it.

TBS 7 should be fine on your OS so if you have issues with the shortcuts or other, please contact us at for assistance.