Keyboard Shortcuts for Tools

After upgrading to TBS 3.5.1, the keyboard shortcuts for the tools, such as brush, select, etc. no longer work. I tried trashing my preferences, but that didn’t work. When I check the keyboard assignments, the default assignments are there, but they still don’t work. Any suggestions? I use those shortcuts extensively, so its really making me buggy. :-[

Hi Manji312,

Would it be possible to know exactly which shortcut you have been trying and if you had an drawing selected in the exposure sheet of the timeline before using the shortcut.

By default the key to scroll through the tools should be 1,2,3… Although if you do not have a drawing cell selected in the first place most of the drawing tool will be deactivated (same goes if you are trying to draw in the wrong type of element such as a sound or an image).

Hope this helps you out.

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I just installed 3.5.1 build 99 on PowerMac G-4 OSX 10.4.6. The keyboard shortcuts 123456 etc. that are used to cycle through various tools no longer work. I have used these shortcuts extensively in the past on versions 3.0 and 3.5 but something in build 99 has caused them to stop functioning. It seems to be limited to the numeric shortcut keys because @ which is <2> does cause the brush to be enabled but 2 by itself has no effect. Not the end of the world but this is a problem in build 99. -JK

Using V3.5 build 99 / iMac G5 Intel / OSX 10.4.8

The Shortcuts 1, 2, 3… till 0 all work nicely here, and it doesn’t matter which window one has selected.

Clicking 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 repeatedly - scrolls through the sub-tools.


Thanks for the feedback Nolan, that would tend to point to some issue in the Universal compatibility between PowerPc and Intel. All I can say at this point is for some reason keyboard short cuts work except for those related to cycling through the tools. I haven’t installed on Win XP yet so I don’t know if those short cuts work there or not. I’m surprised more people haven’t posted on this problem, I hate being “special” :’( -JK

Hi JK,

I keep a “Backup-Copy” of TBS V3.5 build 99 on my old iMac G4 / OSX 10.4.8
(I hope this is legal ?)

All the shortcut-keys mentioned earlier work here in the same way.
(You might need to upgrade your OS)


Thanks Nolan,
I suppose stranger things have occurred, this PowerPC to Intel conversion has been relatively painless but it must drive the developers nuts if stuff like intercepting a keystroke works or doesn’t work between 10.4.6 and 10.4.8. But I’ll make the update and let you know. Much appreciated -JK

PS. Most software is treated like a physical book for appropriate usage, if it is one licensed copy used by one person at a time that is considered appropriate. So as long as two or more people aren’t using the same licensed version simultaneously you’re most likely being a responsible license holder.

I updated from OSX 10.4.6 to 10.4.8 and the keyboard shortcuts for cycling the drawing or scene planning tools (1,2,3,4,5, 6 ect) still do not function. This is for version 3.5 build 99 on PowerPC G4 OSX 10.4.8. I still have 3.5 build 59 installed on this same system and these short cuts work perfectly. So the mystery continues. Not that it should matter for keyboard short cuts but my Quicktime version is QT Pro 7.0.4. I’m not planning to upgrade Quicktime anytime soon as I have heard horror stories about the newer versions and Flash. So, until Mathieu or Ugo have an answer I’ll live with no tool cycling shortcuts. It’s a “hard knock” life. ;D -JK

Hi JK,

Sorry to hear that the shortcuts still do not function even with OSX 10.4.8 installed.
This is really a mystery.

I presume you already checked the Shortcut-Preferences in the Tool-Menu if all keys
are assigned properly.

Even I use QuickTime 7.1.3 - but have not installed build 59 alongside 99 -
(that shouldn’t make any difference, shouldn’t it ?)

What about throwing 59 into the Trash including all preference-files (just for testing)
and see if that makes a difference - (maybe the preference-files of 99 as well).


I went into preferences and reset the keyboard shortcuts to their default setting. No joy. All it accomplished was to make me have to re-enter all my personal shortcut additions after the reset. Now build 59 and build 99 do seem to share a common preferences which is really interesting since the cycle short cuts work in build 59 perfectly and don’t work in 99. It is something very subtle in the way the keyboard interrupts are being processed and for some reason on my Mac the numerics aren’t being interpreted correctly. As I said [2] doesn’t cycle the brush group of tools but [shift]+[2] which is @ selects the brush tool as advertised and [shift]+[3] which is # select the paint tool but [3] by itself does nothing etc. I’ll just have to be patient and let the software engineers at TBS play Sherlock Holmes. Thanks anyway -JK

Hi guys,

grrrrr … I hate these!!!

We are fixing the problem right now. I should have a new build today.
I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for reporting.


Hi guys,

Problem fixed. I uploaded a new version of the same build so you won’t see the difference between the two except the cycling keyboard shortcuts (1-9) now works properly on all version of OS X.

Please let me know if you have any problems.


Our complements to the guys and gals in development for the quick and successful resolution. We are cycling through the tools like mad and the problem is now history. Thanks for the excellent user support. -JK