Keyboard Shortcuts don't seem to work

Hya!I’m animating with pencil check pro and it works great!Except that the keyboard shortcuts don’t work. When I press a button on my keyboard, nothing happens. Well, sometimes, it works, and sometimes not. Mostly not. And I just couldn’t figure out why this is happening.Any advice?I’m on a Mac using version 7.4.0CheersMoe

OK, I just found out why it sometimes works…The shortcuts work when I have any panel active except the drawing panel… So whenever I’m drawing and I wanna change the tool, I have to click for example in the colour panel or th x-sheet for th shortcuts to work…whyyyyyyyyy?

It didn’t work. Strange…But I got used to work like this… never mind.

Try going to Edit > Preferences, then clicking on “Restore Defaults” to set all your preferences back to original. Does this help at all?