Keyboard Shortcut for making selection into a new layer?

I forgot it, driving me crazy! If you quickly are cutting up something it makes it really quick. As it is, you make a selection with the cutter tool, control click it hoping to get to a sub-menu , and you lose the selection. I knew this once. THANKS!

F9 create drawing from drawing selection?

Hey there,

Im attempting to “create drawing from drawing selection” but the option/hot key does not work. I select the strokes I want to create layer from using the cutter tool…go up to edit…and “create drawing from drawing selection” is grayed out and I’m unable to select it. The layer I am trying to use is also visible so that is not the problem. Any ideas why?

So I figured it out. You can’t “cut drawing from drawing selection” in the Drawing view. Must be in Camera…atleast on my pc…:slight_smile: