Keyboard shortcut conflict indication request

I have noticed that Storyboard Pro does not warn of conflicting user keyboard shortcuts. It’s possible to screw up SBP’s functionality by making what seem like a logical keyboard shortcuts. I would suggest that the developers make prospective keyboard shortcuts turn RED if they are already in use. This convention works well in many, many other software programs.

There is a warning window that pops-up if the keyboard shortcut you want to apply is already in use but this is inside the software itself. You still need to pay attention to O.S. related shortcuts and tablet related shortcuts which the
software has no control over.

This isn’t a new feature. It’s possible the preferences might have been
corrupted or more likely that the notification window might have been
hiding underneath another window.

When certain internet browsers are active it can sometimes prevent
software sub-windows from appearing on top.

Hmm. The warning pops up now, but did not previously. Perhaps this was a 4.2 improvement or I had corrupt preferences.