Key properties being overwritten by changes to previous key

Hello, I’m having an issue where properties that I key (via f6) will be overwritten if I make changes to that property in a key earlier in the timeline.

This isn’t an issue with the value being changed across the whole timeline, just two consecutive keys. I have “animate current frame” selected, and have trawled through the settings for something that might be causing this, but with no luck. I haven’t come across this issue before in 7 years of use. I’m working around it for now by copying my later key before making changes to the earlier and then pasting it over again, but it’s so easy to miss and is slowing me down quite a bit.


  1. I key my blur radius at 60
  2. F6 a second and third key to hold that value elsewhere later in the timeline
  3. I then decide I want to change the first value to 50, expecting the others will remain at 60 as they are keyed
  4. BUT the second key has also changed to 50! The third key however remains as 60 (as it should)

Would love to know if there’s just something wrong in my settings or if this is a known issue? I’ve updated my software and it’s happened across multiple releases. Please help!

Thanks :slight_smile: