Key frames not staying set

Sometimes when I’m moving key frames around, it moves other keys that are already set! They aren’t copied keys or anything like that, they’re completely seperate, and they’re being moved as well…
So I have my character in the pose I want, his pose all has black dots on it set as keyframes on each element. Then if I make new keyframes within the next few frames or so, then it moves the previous set keys as well. And I am not moving the actual drawings in drawing mode if that’s what you’re thinking.
Why does this happen?


Have you looked at JustinM’s post on the 13th April?


I went to see it now and none of it was relevant, unless I’m completely missing something…

Thanks anyway though.

I still have the problem… I have to set 2 new keyframes on either side of a keyframe to protect it from being changed when I animate a new keyframe within 5 frames of it… It’s really weird and frustrating! 1 or both of the “protective keyframes” I place is always changed in random parts when I’m setting another keyframe nearby…


Are you able to replicate the problem with a very small amount of data? For example, could you take a single layer with 10 frames, put a key frame at 1, a key frame at 5 and get 1 or 5 to move by putting a new keyframe at 10?

You’d need to make a note of which key frames you set using the transformation tool and what colour the transformation boundary box was each time you used the transformation tool.


Do you have the Animate (Running Man) button on? If you turn this off, and you move something, it will move all the keyframes.