Key Frame and Peg problems

I need a good lesson on keyframes runningToonBoom Studio 4.5, build 4.5.11893 on a Mac Dual 2.5 GHz Power PC using X.10.5.7. I set up my space for key frames and give the start frame a value. Yes I do seet for a non constant, tweened segment. But when I set the ending value key frame it takes over the entire segment and the whole segment runs on the ending value. If I ever get it right I want to attach it to a peg. Will this change anything in the basic key frame set up? Examples will be welcome!

What scene tool is selected when you are setting your keyframes? If you are using different tools for the first frame and the last frame that might explain your problem. You can look at the keyframe indicators (black triangles and squares) on the timeline to see if you have identical key types set on both frames. TBS only applies keys backwards (downstream) if there is no prior key of that same type set on an earlier frame for that element. To prevent this problem, do all keyframing using the transform tool only.

As to your second question, all keyframes are set on pegs. Some pegs are embedded in drawing or image elements and some pegs are elements on their own. When you attach an element which has keys set on its embedded peg to another element such as a parent peg element the keys set on the lowest level of the hierarchy are not affected.

Keyframes values are only reflected down to lower members of a hierarchy if the hierarchy is collapsed when the keyframe is set on the higher member of the hierarchy. So when you want to reflect or ripple down keys you collapse the hierarchy and when you don’t want them to be reflected/rippled down you make sure the hierarchy is not collapsed. In any case, keyframes never are reflected up in a hierarchy from child to parent, they are only reflected down in a hierarchy from parent to child and only if they are set when the hierarchy is collapsed.-JK