key frame alignment

Hi all -

in the timeline I set a keyframe (i have tried this on a peg and the element itself), position the rotate marker on the element I want to move (using the rotate tool), move the slide bar down some six frames, select the transform tool, add a new keyframe, set the transform marker where I want the rotation to center about, move the image via the handles to where I want it, select the frames in between the two keyframes and select the not sequential option ( i know i am non sequential because of the tweening line connecting the two keyframes) … first and last frames works great … what happens, and this does not happen all the time is that the frames between the two set frames don’t seem to follow the set rotation marker. They still arc up in the direction they are supposed to, but the image moves away from the body by an inch or so as it circles upward … on some elements I have no problem, on others this happens and I cannot see any difference … any help would be greatly appreciated … thanks, dan