Keeps asking for key codes

I’ve upgraded all my student iMacs w/ TBS 4 and entered the key codes, but every time we restart TBS it ask for the keycodes again. Very tedious - how can we get it to accept the codes once and for all?


This is usually related to the fact the sofwtare was not installed and opened the first time with an account that has administrative account. Basically the key is stored in a file in the library preferences and this location is restricted to most users.

Once the file is created you should not have to input the key.

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Thanks, Ugo! Starting up TBS in the admin account did the trick!

I just got 4.5 academic, and the same thing is happening to me, even when I run the software in the Admin account.

I even re-installed the software in the Admin account - same thing.

System: iMac, os X 10.5.4

I managed to figure out the problem.

It seems OS X 10.5’s System Library is by default read-only to everyone but the system - locking out the admin account.

Once I changed the admin account permissions to read & write the system library it worked fine. Sheesh.