keeping picture and song in tempo (help!!!)

Hello dudes and dudettes.

I am a new user to Toon Boom, and I am currently using it to make an approx four min video. Ive done all the sketches, and was having no trouble putting them together till i got to like the 400th frame.

At this point things started going wrong, the song would never go in tempo with the movie the first time. I actually had to add 2-3 frames then play the entire movie before i could add another 2-3 frames.

And now, im stuck at 472 frames, nothing I can do will put the song in tempo with the video.

I even tried playing with the frame rate and frames per second and still at a loss. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as (believe it or not) this will be the project that gets me out of high school, and if i cant complete then im in trouble.

/end rant
like I said any and all advice welcome and wanted

no one has any words of wisdom?

It would be greatly appreciated


Are you doing a preview of the full scene every time or even preview the last couple of panels at the end gives you a desync. To me this just seem to be the maximum amount of frames you can buffer on your machine. Although if you try previewing only the wanted section of the storyboard you should be able to get the proper timing on the second run (so make sure to loop the preview). Basically the first time the scene get previewed it is buffered in memory and the second time it should play in realtime.

Hope this helps.

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so what your saying is, let it replay itself and it will eventually go to a normal rate? Because when i tried to go past 472 frames, I tried to let it play itself out a total of three times and it didn’t help.

You think I should let it play out more? Or should i try to update my comp?

Hi Miguel,

No actually what I meant was to use the Play selected panel with a loop instead of using the Play all panels button.

Try to look at the following article from the knowledge base, it may help you understand what I meant:

If you are still having difficulties let us know.

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ok, thanks for the advice, greatly appreciate it :smiley:

I’m not sure if this will help, but…

When my project goes out of sync, I find that turning scrubbing off, then on again will refresh the soundtrack. I may need to repeat it a few times while working on a section that has lots of dialogue futzing.

Also, I work on 11 minute boards and always break them into 2 minute sections that often average out to 60-70 or so panels. Working on smaller sequences like this has cut down the errors I was getting (and if something does go wrong, you’re not losing as much work)

You could also try opening a second project and paste everything into it.

Yes I had this problem too, and now I am sure to cut the scene off at maybe frame 125. And then start a new scene. This has certainly helped with any lag.

This issue is one of “How many frames can I load into the playback at the same time” and depends on your system resources. Instead of limiting the size of the projects, use Ugo’s earlier advice and if you need to review a longer sequence, export your project as a movie (if needed at half resolution) so that you can see the timing in real-time.

In addition to the solutions already described, I also found that the complexity of the panels affects the playback as well. Panels using texture brushes with many brush strokes and having many layers always slows or completely chokes my playback. It helps to flatten and merge layers that you know you don’t want to go back into.

I’ve also found that timing my project while my panels are still rough sketches is very helpful. You get through it much quicker because you don’t have to wait for your machine to buffer each time you want see it playback.