Keeping logo static when zooming with camera

In my animation I have a logo and text that needs to always be visible through out the animation. However I need to zoom on a multi plane scene. When I try to do this with the camera zoom the logo and and text is no longer in the frame. Can anyone tell me how to zoom on the scene whilst keeping the elements in the foreground in frame?
Thanks very much

First, you should connect the Camera Peg to the elements you don’t want to be affected by the Camera movement. Secondly, if you have undesired effects on the Z axis adjust the position of those elements via Top or Side views with the Maintain Size tool (advanced animation toolbar).

Luis Canau

Great answer Icanau :slight_smile:

Attaching the logo and text to the peg of the camera will make it follow its every move.

Great, thanks very much. It’s working fine. Much appreciated.

Works perfectly. Thanks