Keeping custom preferences when updating 8451 to 8606

Lets start with the gripes:
The “check for update” function in STBP4.1 doesn’t work. It says there are no updates available but that’s not the case. I have STB4.1 “version 10.2.1 (8451)”. The newest version is “(8606)” and the website has documentation detailing numerous bug fixes in this build. I received no notification about this update, or the one that came before it. They weren’t mentioned in any newsletter. The only reason I’m aware of the updates is purely by accident (I noticed it while looking for technical spec info).

Now for the question:
I created some custom brushes and custom work spaces in my current version of 4.1. The upgrade process requires me to overwrite my current version with a new one. Will doing this erase my customizing or will it remain intact? If it erases, is there a way to save my customization preferences and tools? If so, how do I go about it?