keeping a larger image the same size after import

I am trying to import a large background image (around a4 size) and I want it to stay 100% size once inside toonboom.
It always shrinks it down to fit behind the grid.
is the original too big? do I set the size of the image in photoshop or toon boom?

thanks for any help

from my experience the image always fits into the grid, starting with either dimension which is bigger.
to work around this issue you could move your camera or your image element in the 3d working space to have it bigger in the camera view (the scene planning feature).

should you draw a drawing element additionally, you would have a visibility problem, because the image would cover the drawing due to next proximity to the camera.

Alternatively you could import the image into an image element, then go into sceneplanning mode, make sure the image layer is selected and then in the properties you can change the scale. That will make it huge, and as far as ive seen it doesnt distort the quality too much, if at all. Hope thats useful,