Keep the same border lines...

…Hello, my doubt is how keep the same edge lines in all drawings??.. I have saw Tiana and the frog and others animations and the edge lines are perfects, cleans, the same thickness in all drawings!!!.. How do it??..

i would use a brush for still objects or those that move on a peg. not when tradigitally animating a character, for the very reason of being unable to keep brush strokes at the same thickness, well you could in theory but that’s alot of work…

…Aaaahh!!, ok!!.. it´s very interesting!!.. so, how can I do to adjust the thickness??..

…One more thing, the pencil tool I don´t like, because when I erase the lines, maintain the same thickness and edges… it can improve this? …


…Ok… but how can i do for change the thickness line or change the size, scale, rotation of drawings in all frames??.. it´s the same animation, but i want change his properties in all frames…

…Thanks Lilly!!..

i don’t have PRO but in Animate that’s not possible, as far as i know. to do that you would have to do it frame by frame. that could be a bit quicker if you keep the the color of what you’re trying to change its thickness selected on the color palette, then use the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+A, this would select all strokes of that color then go to select tool’s properties and change the thickness.

this happened to me before and it helped me narrow my thickness down to a range that i now use on most of my projects. 3.7 - 5.5 depending on whether my camera is gonna zoom in or not.

…OK, Lilly, but, how can I do to change the animation´s size in all the frames??.. What selection tool I have to use??..


…Hello Lilly… I tried it with the selections tool, but I can´t do it… What selection tool I have to use??..


…Hello Lilly!!.. OK, I understand you and I know that first I have to look at in the tutorials, but, sometimes I didn´t find that I Look for it… My problem is that I looked for about how to increase the scale in all frames, and I didn´t find it. Can you say to me how am I do??.. I have other doubt: How can I erase the peg marks in all the frames in one time?

…One hundred of thanks, Lilly!!..

Well if you use the Pencil tool instead of the Brush tool, then you can simply keep all the lines to the same thickness. Then you know exactly how thick all the lines are, and you can change the thickness later on.

If you’re needing to use thick and thin lines, then this is a little more difficult, because with the brush tool you can’t adjust the thickness after the lines have been drawn.

But this is something that you’ll see is coming with the new version of Harmony - thick and thin pencil lines!

So for now, I’d recommend sticking to using pencil lines, so that you can keep everything at the same thickness.


In Animate and Animate Pro, you can’t have both. You can either have thickness variation (Brush tool) or the ability to change the thickness after (Pencil Tool).

To adjust the thickness on a pencil line after you’ve drawn it, just select the lines with the select tool. In the Tool Properties window, adjust the size under “Pencil Selection.”


This is something that we can address in a Feature Request for future versions.

If you want to change the size, rotation, orientation of a variety of frames, then perhaps it’s easier if you use your Transform tool and set keyframes on the scale, rotation, what have you. But this will not adjust your line thickness.


Did you try the Transform tool?


It’s not the Select Tool, it’s the Transform Tool. Maybe it would be worth you taking a look at some of the Tutorial Videos on the website. Check out this link:


I don’t know how else to tell it to you other than to select your Transform tool from the Toolbar, and turn off the animate to change the size on all the frames.

To remove the registration marks on multiple drawings, use your Select tool, do a Permanent Selection that includes the peg holes, then go to Drawing > Clean Up > Remove Art Inside Selection