Keep start/end of pencil line round

Hello all,

I’m trying to find a setting to keep my pencil lines round at the start and the end after cutting or deleting point. Now, every time I do so end and start are put to flat. Readjusting the roundness each time…


Hi Pieter,

when you use the cutter tool you can choose the option ‘Tip style: round’ in the ‘Cutter Tool Options’.

But, this option indeed does not seem to be available for the in the ‘Contour Editor Options’ which are displayed when you are dealing with points.
I agree with you that this would speed up work a lot.

I also think that it would already be helpful if the ‘Start’, ‘End’, and ‘Join’ buttons of the ‘Line Tool Properties’ were available within the ‘Contour Editor Options’.

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Hi stefman,

Thanks for your reply, it helps me a lot.
I agree with you on the contour editor though…

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Another solution would be if the ‘Start’, ‘End’ and ‘Join’ properties could be set via scripting.
But, I didn’t find the right command for that?

Dear Toon Boom team, can you help, please?

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I agree that having this option in the contour editor could be a great asset, you should pitch the suggestion under our Feature Request section! :slight_smile:

Hi Geneviève,

OK, I’ll get a hair cut, put on a new shirt and prepare myself for the pitch. :slight_smile:

But, in the meantime I’m trying to achieve the same result via scripting.

I tried:
ToolProperties.setPencilTipMode(“ROUND_TIP”) and ToolProperties.setInkJoinMode(“ROUND_TIP”) which both don’t have any effect on the selected line even if it was selected with the ‘Select Tool’.

I wonder if the required command could be found among the actions that can be launched via action.perform(“doSomeThing()”).

Do you know if there is a list of all the actions that can be performed via that function?

Yes, using this value applies it to the tool action (specifically when a pencil line gets cut by a tool)…

From the documentation:
set the pencil tip shape used by the eraser, cutter, and ink tools whenever an existing pencil line gets split by the tool.

pencilTip can have one of the following values: “ROUND_TIP”, “FLAT_TIP” or “BEVEL_TIP”.

Hi rkriz,

thank you for your reply.

Yes, ToolProperties.setPencilTipMode(“ROUND_TIP”)</code/> and ToolProperties.setInkJoinMode(“ROUND_TIP”) </code/> set the tool properties defining what tip shape will be created at the next time the tool will be used.

That what I would like to do is select a vector point with the ‘Contour Editor’ and run the script to change its tip shape simulating the ‘Start’, ‘End’ and ‘Join’ buttons available within the ‘Pencil Editor Options’.

That’s why I think that if this command exists it would rather be an action run via action.perform(“onActionDoSomeThing()”).

Best regards

P.S. In the meantime I digged through all the XML files. But, I unfortunately didn’t find the actions corresonding to these 3 pencil line tip mode buttons.

Hey guys!

Is this topic still alive? :slight_smile:

I am rigging my character now and realized I would really need to set something like a toggle to make all the lines (or all that I select) start-end-join rounded. It’s so annoying when i delete one of the bezier point the line becomes flat ended.

I looked through this topic here, found there are some script pieces… But I am kinda a newbie in scripting, so could someone please tell me step by step, how could I create such a toggle or at least play this script when I need it?

I know it’s a lot to explain to me, but I really couldn’t find any info on this in the net.

Thank you!