Keep losing all my work

I use a mac.I keep getting these errors and don’t know what is going on.“Th” following … ro rs occur"d:- EI"m"nt fold " r , Us … s /manofml … l" / o…sktop /_Pltch.,. ,_Monn … Dojo/Monn … _Dojo/" I" m"nts /TopLaV … 1 not found- EI" m" nt fold … /U … s / manofml … I, / o… ktop / _Pltch"s,_Monn … Dojo/ Monn … _Dojo/ " I"m"nts / Draw.3 not found- EI" m"nt fold … : / U",rs /manofmi … I, / o…ktop / “Pitch"s / “Monn … Dojo/ Monn … _Dojo/” I” m" nts / Draw wu r"cr" at"d."As I draw panels previous panels disappear, if I save and close only the thumb artwork remains after reopening, and then disappears shortly after- I don’t know what is going on and loosing days and days of work, I have no idea how to fix it.

Avoid spaces, accented and other special characters in the name and path to the location that the project is stored. Only a-z, 0-9, “_” and “-” are safe for naming in Storyboard.Most importantly, always work on the project located on a local hard drive as USB drives, external drives and network shared drives are not responsive enough to keep up with the data being manipulated.