Keep frames from falling beyond end of scene?

Yesterday I almost lost a lot of work because creating a loop caused frames at the end of scene to be deleted when they got pushed beyond the end of scene, without warning. Is there any way to prevent this from happening, other than creating a large frame buffer at the end of a scene?

Have you tried dragging out the timebar to make the scene longer? I think they should reappear.

Yes, that is what I tried, but they did not reappear.

It is good to be reminded about the slider in the library. As for creating/pasting cycles in timeline/xsheet, I would appreciate a little more concistency across the interface of Animate Pro…

If you work in the XSheet in Insert mode it will push the frames over instead of overwriting them. So if you copy the frames, then do a paste cycle, it will insert the frames, moving over the frames that come after it, and then you can extend the length of the scene and the frames will be there.

If you do a Create Cycle, it pushes the frames over, but if they go beyond the end of the scene the exposure is removed.

Just so you know, though, it doesn’t delete the original drawings. You can always re-expose them, by dragging on the slider in the Library, or by using the [ and ] shortcuts.