Keep drawing position in Drawing View


I would like to kow if there is a way to keep an animated layer (or a layer that is animated by a peg) in the position of the frame pose when switching to the Drawing View.

Unfortunately, for now, the drawing is always displayed in it’s initial position when I switch to the Drawing View.
This can make things quiet tricky as the drawing gets out of it context (the pose of the whole character).

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi o0Ampy0o,

yes, you’re right.

That what is making things a but tricky is that when I select lines of my drawing (with the black arrow select tool) it will automatically select lines of other drawings as well.
That’s why I would like to be able to treat it in the isolated Drawing View.

So, if there was a possibility to prevent the select tool lines of multiple drawings at once, this might be the solution.

You could draw in Camera view.

That seems to depend on the way you are drawing objects. I am able to select lines and not have any other drawings on the same layer select as well. However if I flattened multiple lines they are considered one line, more or less, and will be selected along with the specific line I click on.

Under “select tool options” on the tool properties tab there is button that has an orange lassoo above three lines. It applies to camera view only and when it’s selected it means you edit lines only from current drawing/layer. I think this is what you’re after.

In Preferences => Camera =>

I have this enabled:

Select Tool Works on Single Drawing

Hi DessieX,

thank you very much!

Yes I think this option would be what I’m looking for.
I’ll use it when I’ll be on the new of Harmony. :slight_smile:


this absolutely helps!!!

Thank you.