Keep Deform Tool ON in Harmony?

Hey Toon Boomers,

So I love using the deformer tool in Harmony and, naturally, almost every body part that bends has a deform “bone” attached… including fingers and such.

Now my only problem with using these tools is that whenever I close Harmony, all the deform tools turn themselves OFF and then I have to go in and turn them all on again one by one which can be very tedious.

Is there any way to tell Harmony that I want the Deform tools ON when I open the software? That would save me a bunch of time I could be animating instead of pressing control+F11 a bunch of times.


What do you mean by “turn them all on again”?
What specifically does your hotkey control+F11 do,
remember that there are three shortcut styles in Harmony.
It would be more useful to describe the functionality than the
shortcut you are using to reach it.

Normally you would just need to click “Show Simplified
Manipulators” to make sure it’s is selected and then
“Show selected ddeformers and hide all others” from the
Deformation toolbar.