Keep Camera when Joining Panels on the same scene

Hi:I´m working with pre-drawn scanned Storyboard, Editing it to have a pre edit of the film (storyreel).Is there a way to join 2 panels with different camera fields in the same scene, keeping each panel with its camera field?For example: I have one panel that was originally open, but changed to a truckin, to join with the next panel, wich was originally drawn as a close up, as a unique scene.When I join the 2 panels, The final framing of the Camera from the truckin is passed to the closeup panel, getting just a portion of the image, not the whole image.Is there a easy way to solve it? Without having to resize the second panel?Thanks in advanceMauricio

Good tip…

If you right-click on the area in the timeline where the keyframes are displayed (above the thumbnails) then you can an option for Keyframes Sync Mode. Set this to Relative to Panel instead of Relative to Shot.