This is just a little “Animation-Test” - over the weekend - nothing serious, just for fun.
To practise some “Lip-Sync” in combination with the “Cell-Tab”.
I am delighted how easy and intuitive “Toon Boom Studio” really is,
and even feel a little privileged to have such a “Tool” available.

Anyway here is “Kasimir” :



I guess you still didn’t do that :wink:


Hi Chris,

I saved the QuickTime-Movie as recommended –
Enabled “Prepare for Internet Streaming” with “Fast Start”.

I am really a little lost here .
I checked everything possible, still the same result.

So far I found about seven movie on my website –
they do exactly that – start playing during download.
I checked every detail – couldn’t find anything.
(Only difference - all were saved with QuickTime 6.
At that time I must have checked or activated something
unknowingly I didn’t know about - I am still surprised
that they already play during download at all).

I am using QuickTime 7.0.4 now with OSX 10.4.6,
but can’t imagine – that’s the problem ?

Any help, or ideas in these matters would be greatly appreciated.


Hmm well ive never actually tried what you’re doing so i dont know how to do it either, i just assumed you hadn’t bothered, since it had to load completley before i could watch…better wait for matthieu or someone who knows what tehy are talking about with this.


Just an update on my QuickTime problem :“Fast Start” not working.

All what I did with my already exported Quick-Time-Movie,
choose File / Save As… / Save as a self-contained movie.

It seems that the Quick-Time-Movie has to be not only exported with the right settings,
but saved as a self-contained-movie as well - to start playing during download.
(I really had no idea about that – still lots to learn).



This is strange because when exporting the movie, it is automatically a self contained movie. You should only have to export once with the fast start to make it work.

The other method is using a hint movie. A hint movie is a small (very small) that loads other movie to watch. This hint movie can display a message while it’s downloading the other movies and also play multiple movie one after the other.

Anyways, the good news is that it works now right ?


Nolan, that is so simple, yet so effective and charming. Congratulations.


I watched this a few days ago, but the family was sleeping and I didn’t want to wake them, so I had no sound with it.

You matched the voice to the face terrifically. I’m not talking about the lip synch–although because of that part, the rest came out more–I’m talking about the character that shined out of the guy.

Nice work on the depth, also, the panning bg, and the walk cycle. Works well.