Karate Rabbit template file?

I bought Animate 2 early in 2012 and then promptly started a business (which unfortunately has nothing to do with animation) and have been busy ever since. I am just now getting back to Animate and hoping to go through the available tutorials for it and get started learning again. I am trying to find the Karate Rabbit file that is used in many of the video tutorials for Animate on the Toonboom site, but have not been able to find anything for Animate 2. Is there an archive available for Animate 2 material, and specifically is there any way I can get that Karate Rabbit file so I can use it with the tutorials? Any help is greatly appreciated.

D’oh! I just found it. For anyone else hitting the forums to try to find this, it is in the Video Tutorials section (https://www.toonboom.com/resources/video-tutorials), and then as you go through the various sections (Drawing Basic, Getting Started, etc) there is a link to the sample material on the left hand side of the page. I got confused because I started at the beginning and the first section does not have any sample materials downloads available. Hopefully this is helpful to other Animate users, and I look forward to asking more meaningful questions on this forum soon. :slight_smile:

Hi danY_43497

Glad we could help, lol , wish everything posted in here was so easy to resolve, hehe

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