Juttery Pan

Hey, i attached my background to a peg, and keyframed it to pan from one corner of it to the other. The problem is when it pans it refuses to be smooth. The fps on it is 24 so I can’t see why it’s doing it.

I tried to perhaps slow the pan down juuust incase the frames couldnt keep up with the speed of the pan, but this did nothing.

Any ideas?

Are you seeing this when playing in the viewport…?
Or do you have the same issue with the final render…?


Final render also.

I was wondering if the filesize of the imported image might be somehow causing it? Not sure how it could cause it, but i’ve roughed out this shot before with no such issue, nice n smooth.


Well, not sure if the filesize of your imported images might causing this…?
This should only effect Viewport speed, but not the final render…

I am using pan and zoom a lot in my projects (mostly with camera)…
and sometimes the movement is a little “jerky” for my taste, so I am experimenting a lot
with speed (increasing / decreasing)… setting Keyframes or Motion-Points in between,
or using the Function Editor and applying an Ease In / Ease Out…
often that solves the problem…