Just want to compose a comic strip


Just looking for some info/guidance. I noticed that “Comic Boom” is a simple comic strip composer program, but a review I read online indicates that you cannot import your own images (a big disappointment, to me at least). I already have my own characters sketched out. So is there an advanced product from Toon Boom that would allow me to import my characters and create a web comic strip (animation is really not necessary) with out a big hassle? Thanks for any info.

Your best bet is to use PhotoShop ($600+) or Manga Studio EX ($300). -JK

Check out “Comic Life”:

One can import “bitmaps”, “pdf” and “ai” Illustrator-files.


I scan with Photoshop. My HP scanner also comes with a utility, but I just prefer finessing in Photoshop.

I save the files depending on the final use in Toon Boom. For full color backgrounds, I make .bmp files and import as an Image element. For line art that will animate, I save a .psd and “Import and Vectorize” as a Drawing element, and modify and color them in Toon Boom. This might work with a .png file if you don’t have Photoshop.

Using the color picker in ToonBoom, you can sample background color from your background Image, and use it in a drawing, and the color match is seamless.