Just started and already messed something up

Hello, I just started learning and using toonboom literally an hour ago but I can not find a fix for this issue I am having.
I am following this tutorial to learn how to make a bouncing ball, nothing too hard. https://www.toonboom.com/resources/video-tutorials/video/bouncing-ball-traditional-planning
When I draw something at frame 1, its fine, But when ever I try to draw something at frame 7 or any frame above 3, it automatically fills in the space with the same drawing of frame 1! I DO NOT want this, and I am not even sure how I even activated it.
If I draw something at frame one and then at frame 10, I would like frame 2-9 to remain empty!
Please help! Thanks!

Hi Rogerstijana,
This is because by default an option in preference will automatically extend the exposure of previous drawing.
Please uncheck this option: Extend Exposure of Previous Drawing under Edit/Preferences/General/Timeline

Oh! Thank you soooo much!

You are very welcome !