Just got Animate and need some help!

Hello eveyone. I am very new to the animation world. I have worked in studio 4.0 for about 3 or 4 years now and just got Animate.

I have experience with photoshop, so I know about the graphics side of the world.

I’m also working towards a Computer Tech Major.

When I open animate, I just want to draw. But when I use my tablet to draw a line, the line shows up after I lift my pen. I would REALLY love to have the line show up as I draw.

Maybe I’m just stupid, but I have been through every menu on this and I can’t figure it out. I actually fell asleep on my tablet yesterday.

Are you matching the minimum System Requirements…?
Do you have the newest driver for your graphic card installed…?

Try and turn off “Real Time Antialiasing”… in the Animate Preferences (OpenGL)

“Full Scene Antialiasing” is generated by your graphic card.
Windows: Refer to your graphic card manufacturers user guide, how to.
Macintosh: Preferences / OpenGL / Turn off Full Scene Antialiasing,
or reduce the Number of Samples… Restart the Application…


I’m within all of the specs and tried your tips to no avial…

Is it just a thing with animate? I watched all of the tutorial videos that are up, and her pen works as she draws…

I’m so lost. ???

I’m running 7 and run basic most of the time.

Intel GMA 4500M Dynamic Video Memory Technology 5.0

That’s the graphics card that I have on my lappy.

Thanks for trying to help. :slight_smile:

Oh, well crap. I didn’t catch that.


Thanks for the speedy help Lilly!

Actually you can’t even change out your integrated card for a Nvidia, that sucks dude. You will need a different laptop.

Have you updated your graphics drivers to the latest drivers?

Are you using Windows 7 or Vista? If yes, then you can try to turn off the Aero scheme for Windows. Right-click on the desktop and select Personalize, then switch to Basic theme instead of Aero.

You can also try to delete the Preferences on the Wacom Tablet driver and restart the application.

If none of these work can you please tell me what graphics card you have on your computer?


That is not a supported graphics card. According to the system requirements :


You need to have an NVidia or ATI card. The reason is that Intel integrated cards have been known to have poor support of OpenGL, that we use to display the strokes in the software.

If the Basic Theme fix doesn’t work, then you’ll have to upgrade to a better graphics card.