Just getting dots???

I just got a Bamboo Pen tablet and it I can’t get it to work with TB studio. It won’t draw lines, and all I get is dots. It works fine for storyboard.

Any Ideas?

Well, which version of Studio ? what Operational System ? newest Bamboo driver ?

Otherwise, you might find some ideas here:
(same issue with an Intuos 3 tablet)


I use a mac, it’s TBS 4, and I’m not sure about the driver. pretty sure it’s the newest one.

Well, what Operational System, OSX-10…?
Check the Wacom Website / Support & Download / Driver Downloads…
Check the Toon Boom Website / My Account / My Products / if you have the newest version…

Otherwise, lift up your pen and try again / turn the pen around and use the eraser /
turn back and try again…


I got around this by two means.
1. Keep the drivers updated.
2. Regularly update ( save ) the file.

I found that all,of my problems disappeared when I did the above. I had the dots , the slow pen , the cursor delayed behind the pen movement. All corrected by saving the file every few minutes.
Toon Boom seems to have a problem with very large files ( code dense ) files.

Thanks, I’ll definitely try that.

Another thing I forgot to say about it: That’s the only tool that doesn’t work. I can create lines or shapes but i can’t freely draw. I only get dots.