Just drag and drop images into workspace

This is something id really love if Toonboom could include.
I think it would be easyer and quicker to just drag and drop into the scene from any pc folder the images that would import the image with current image import settings without going to browse and search for the asset each time.
I think it would be a big time saving method.

+1. OpenTOonz, Moho (Animation Studio), Flash, and so on, and so forth: all support this simple option. I always wondered why TB never did.

I always just assumed we could not do it like other apps because of the way that Toon Boom has restrictions on the library. Like when you want to add items to your library, you have to first choose right to modify. How many other apps do that? It is a pain for just single users but my guess is that it was done to prevent problems where multiple users were working on a project?

Maybe Marie-Eve, or somebody from Toon Boom can answer with specifics?