Just change the Pencils/stroke Color!!! HOW PLEASE EXPLAIN this. Thank you.

Okay I have placed in some screen shots.

1 if I select a drawing that also has a fill, BUT I just want to change the pencil line or stroke color why can I not do this and why are there buttons that look like the can do this for you but do nothing when clicked on.

Thank you. I am a huge adobe user and when you want to chage the stork in any adobe software you can select the whole drawing you can just click on the stroke color and change it. Can this not be done?

Thank you.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 2.07.18 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 2.06.39 PM.png

In your paint bucket tools, theres a bucket with a plus on it called “repaint”. (if it’s not there right click the tool bar and select customize). Then pick whatever color you want and repaint the existing pencil lines.

You should be able to change to colour of a stroke (pencil or brush) or fill by selecting it and clicking on a different colour from your palettes.

The three icons you mention are a different thing. By default, you have the brush, pencil and fill colours linked. Any time you change colour, you will change it for the three tools. If you unlink them, when you change colour you will only change it for the tool that’s selected - brush, pencil or bucket. So when you change tool you will change colour if a different colour is attributed to that tool, and if you change the colour it will only change for that tool, not for the other two.

As for changing the colour already painted, as I said, you just select the stroke or the fill and click on a different swatch while it’s selected, and only the selection should change colour.

As o0Ampy0o mentions, working with the line on the Line Art layer and the colour on the Colour Art layer allows better flexibility for changing colours and art. For instance, with line on its own layer, you can simply select everything and change the colour, or use the repaint tool, without worrying about altering the colours fills that are on the Colour Art layer.

Note that you can also protect colours by right-clicking on their respective swatches. That way, if you have two colours (line or fill) on the same layer and you want to repaint one, you can protect the other one before that operation.

Luis Canau

You probably have the lines and fill on the same art layer. In this regard it is better to have lines on the line art layer and fills on the color art layer.

Exactly I do, I did not even think about separating them, Im a flash, illustrator person you really don’t need to do that in those programs.

That being said how do you use the paint bucket on another layer to fill inside the lines that you need filled with color?