Just came from Flash

I just got TBA and have been using Flash b4 then.

I was wondering if anyone could answer some questions I had :stuck_out_tongue:

1. When I zoom in, the drawings I’ve made in TBA start to look raster-like, is that normal?
(Flash doesn’t do that for me)

2. Is there a way to animate eyeball movement only in the borders of the eyes?
(so the eyeballs don’t show up on the skin lol)

3. The import SWF option is greyed-out for some reason, anyone know why? I wanted to import my swf from Flash and make some touch-ups.

If u know anything, plz lemme know!
Thanks :smiley:

  1. You can kind of change how things look when you zoom, etc with the some options. Like Edit->Preference, under the Open-GL tab you can turn on/off anti-aliasing which will make things look different. There’s other options too. I like how it looks with the anti-aliasing off when I work, but to each their own.

    2. I usually cut out space in the face and put them on their own layer. You can then just sort the order of the layers/drawings if you want by rearranging them on the bottom. Or you can change the z depth slightly, which ends up being pretty useful. So if you make a drawing for the eyes then set a keyframe (F6), you can then click the plus next to the drawing you made with the eyes and double click somewhere where it says position and then pick the z one and move it a bit behind the layer where the face (eyelids) are.

    3. The SWF will go in the library, so first you have to enable the right to modify the library. If you go to the Library tab, right click on “right to modify”, then if you go to the import option it will be enabled.

    I don’t think I’m sounding too clear in these instructions, but hopefully it will help you.

For 2, also have a look at my eyelid tutorials, it talks about how a very robust method for setting up eyes.

Coolio, thx guys!
Both ways work for the eye thing :smiley:

And I’m gonna try importing my swf right now